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 Grand Opening KAI!: an open studio day on March 2! Visit the Class page for details and to sign up!  

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  Saori weaving enables each and every weaver to create beauty.  Each person has their own innate creativity and with Saori, you can bring that talent out for all to see!  Remember when you were young and drew the perfect drawing?  Danced the most amazing dance ever? Told the best story ever?  Before being taught to conform to rules,  each of us was a perfect artist.  Without those external judges, each of us IS a perfect artist. Whatever we weave expresses our own unique

 creative talent. In Saori, there are no mistakes, just differences which create your own unique piece. 

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About Understory Saori

Understory Studio is a registered Saori studio and carries Saori products and weaving yarns. Come and try out weaving for yourself or learn sewing at our home-based studio.


About Sherrie


Sherrie Wilson has been working with needle, thread, yarn, and fabric since she was 5 and promised to knit her father a cover for his VW Bug. She has spent many years as a visual artist and making clothing and art quilts. Sherrie began weaving 5 years ago and fell in love with Saori immediately. Sherrie has studied Saori weaving with several studios in the US and for 2 weeks at Saori-no-mori in Izumi City, Japan. Her passion is for encouraging others to have fun and to value themselves and their creative talents. 

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KAI in the studio!

"Kai" is a term used to describe a weaving and sharing day.  Everyone is free to come and try out we

"Kai" is a term used to describe a weaving and sharing day.  Everyone is free to come and try out weaving, check out the studio, and share their projects and see everyone else's.  It's a great way to meet kindred spirits.  Sarah Dauro of Handmade Saori in Belton and Kathy Utts of Wimberly Saori will be here to share in the fun.  We will raid the studio clothing samples to see how Saori clothing can fit everyone.  

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We sell Saori products, both looms and yarn - but we are still waiting for the goodies to arrive from  Japan

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We offer sewing classes as well!  private or semi-private.  

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