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I have questions!


I'm not in Houston. Where is the closest studio?

This page has a list of registered Saori studios world wide.  If you are in Texas, Texas Saori gives the locations and contact information for three studios. 

Now that I've made cloth, what do I do with it?

Just about anything you'd do with any other cloth !    Saori cloth is unique artwork.  Clothing is especially beautiful, as is mounting it for display.  

How do I fit Saori clothing?

Saori patterns are designed to fit a wide variety of bodies.  Although the patterns in the books are "sized" for Japanese, they are easily adaptable.  Your local studio can help you resize patterns and also drape a truly one-of-a-kind garment. Sarah Dauro, of Handmade Saori Weaving, has a terrific page showing the versatility of sizing here

Where can I buy products?

I'm still working on getting an online store set up. (I'm not computer savvy!)  email me at to request items.